Newsletter From Costa Rica

Posting a link to the November/December Newsletter from our missionary friends in Jaco, Costa Rica.

A team from Faith went last August and will go again late summer 2014 to serve alongside David & Eva Daniel and family – including Pastor Daniel & Sarah Barrett at Horizon Church.

Encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter to learn about all the great things God is doing in the coming year through the addiction recover ministry at Horizon Church.

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Daniel Family Newsletter – Jaco, Costa Rica

Giving Joy For Christmas

There are two realities of Christmas that never fail. The first, almost every department store continues to put out decorations ridiculously early each year. The second, almost every heart in our church family will be stirred to “do something” this year.

Clearly there is little to nothing we can do about the first reality. Yet, as a collection of Christ followers connected to and serving among ministries all across this great city, maybe there is something we can do about the second.

 However, there is a temptation that is alive and well during the holiday season. Though the temptation comes in many forms and fashions, its root is still the same: the temptation to give anything other than joy for Christmas.

When I was a little boy, I was never shy about letting my emotions show. I still remember being out in public with my mom and seeing someone with a physical need or social disability – my face would furrow and my frown would give way to tears. I just didn’t understand why it had to be that way. “If only I could give them something to make them happy.” “If only I could do something to change their circumstance.”

It wasn’t until spiritual maturity began to set in that I realized my tears were misguided. You see, Jesus’ teachings like Matthew 6:25 Therefore I tell you do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? are not just for us to embrace. Teachings like these serve as lenses through which we are to see the world, see humanity. So no matter how “down and out” and unfortunate the condition of a person may be, what matters most is the presence or absence of joy…and all the other fruits of the Spirit; ultimately, the presence of Jesus in their life.

Each November, our Missions Office starts receiving phone calls, emails and even personal visits from passionate church members who have a stirring in their hearts to do something – to make a difference at Christmas. The creative results of each stirring can be anything from wanting to give away clothes to providing turkey dinners. The longer I serve at Faith, the more encouraged I become by the abundance of compassion among our family.

Yet, this Christmas you are invited to join other families at Faith to engage in intentional and relational Christmas ministry. Though the temptation is great to only meet the physical need and to meet as many physical needs as we can, true life change comes through a spiritual investment. Too often busy weeks and full schedules force us into a giving-centric Christmas. This year may we be found, like Christ, using the acts of giving and meeting felt needs as a platform for personal connection.

Let’s be Christ followers who celebrate His birth by sharing His Spirit.

An Event With Purpose

On Sunday October 20th, the Faith On Mission Team asked our church family to DVR their favorite football team and cut short their Sunday nap to bring their family to our 2013 Faith Missions Fair. The fair was hosted on our campus and was a church wide event.

The truth is there is nothing innovative about hosting a Missions Fair or Missions Conference. Churches all over our great city and throughout the country host such events quite often. These missions events come in all shapes and sizes with varying elements, themes and decorations. Pastors, missionaries and the foremost Christians personalities often come from all over the world to fill shoes as the keynote speaker.

So when our Faith On Mission Team set out to cast vision for the 2013 Missions Fair, we wanted to do so with great intentionality. In fact, it led us to the following vision statement for the event:

…to raise education and awareness through participation…

On an almost weekly basis church members will ask me “How can I get involved?” There is no doubt God is alive and well in our church family and because of that fact, many feel the draw of the Spirit to become more engaged to fulfill The Great Commission with their everyday lives. The Fair existed as a way to do just that.

 Our hallways were full of intentionally invited ministries that could provide our church family with the chance for immediate involvement. Through Orphan Care ministry, Church Planting and local ministry opportunities through Engage Memphis, participants could meet ministry leaders and take home a bag full of information on ways to become more involved. It was really exciting to spend time with new ministry friends and long-running ministry partners.

Perhaps the most exciting form of participation was our Skype Stations. Each room equipped with a television, laptop and live host to lead a conversation between missionary and church member. Countries participating in the Stations included Costa Rica, Kosovo, Brazil and Guatemala.

So no matter what event or emphasis we host at Faith through our Missions Ministry, my commitment is to lead us through a process of intentional action. That nothing we do is for our glory or to pat ourselves on the back; instead each gathering here, is to make us better equipped and more prepared to go there – wherever God may lead us!


For pictures from this year fair, visit our Facebook page:


If you weren’t able to attend the Fair or would like follow up information, here is a list of the ministries that participated – click the name to be directed to the ministry’s website:


Orphan Care

Bethany Christian Services

Life Choices

OneLess Ministries

The Pearl House

Be Free Revolution

1 < Orphan

Compassion International


Church Planting

Mercy Hill

Fayette Baptist

The Church at Cooper Young

First International Baptist

Pursuit Church Memphis

Resonate Church


Engage Memphis

Engage Memphis Ministries

The Warrior Center

Hope Fellowship

Faith Baptist Prison Ministry

K.A.R.E. Ministry

The Morning Center

FSM Street Teams


International Ministry Connection

Costa Rica – Daniel & Sarah Barrett

Kosovo – Simon & Christa Hoopes

Guatemala – Mark & Gina Schmidt

Brazil – Waldir & Mary Louise DeSouza

Women’s Missionary Union


Guest Speaker: George Siler, Director of International World Changers Network – IMB